We’ve just begun to handle of Hikari Instruments products

We’ve just begun to handle of next two Hikari Instruments products.

Hikari Instruments is one of unique independent Makers of EURO RACK base products. Please, welcome them.

Hikari limiter is just a limiter. Every one loves loud sound. So use this to not to blow off your speaker. this products intend to use in the end of the signal lines. but you can use it anywhere you want to create new sounds.
EURO RACK 4 bus power source kit is DIY power source. you don’t need no soldering. Just put it into your DIY Rack or something and enjoy it. you can use this power source as stand alone when you test new module before mount your rack.

these 2 products not only, we are planning more products to provide world wide.
You can order these products and get them from, now.