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#002 Mountain


Price : 35000Yen

Mountain is Monophonic Synthesizer module. it’s driven by MIDI or CV+ gate that’s legacy interface.

#003 MIDI-IF for SX-150 mk2

MIDI-IF for SX-150 mk2

Price : 10000Yen

this is order made goods. Give me an order then I will build it for you. it will take a week or so.

#005 MIDI through box

MIDI through box

Price : 4000Yen

is gear recives MIDI stream and distribut it to 4 MIDI outputs.

#006 Breakout Box for Monotribe

Breakout Box for Monotribe

Price : 1600Yen

You can drive your monotron by CV+GATE. Let’s get groovy!

#007 GateConverter


Price : 3200Yen

This item that’s one of MS Extension Module series will convert gate signal from negative gate (High to […]

#009 BassBoy+


Price : 19800Yen

“BassBoy+” is digital based monophonic MIDI controlled bass synthesizer.

#012 Log/Exp Amp

Log/Exp Amp

Price : 11000Yen

“Log/Exp Amp” is set of 3 modules that’s not include with Korg MS-20 mini inside. First modu […]

#013 MIXER


Price : 6200 Yen

  ”MIXER” will mixes up to 4 signals. It can be used for not only CV of modular synthesizer but also audi […]

#015 Junction Box+3

Junction Box+3

Price : 3600Yen

This box has 3 sets of 4 jacks that are connected in parallel and each of block has extra 6.3mm phone jack on […]

#017 Power Tail

Power Tail

Price : 3800Yen

Power tail is AC adapter distributor. you can put some of volcas AC adapter into one. This products is set of […]