How to order


How To Order
  1. Check the catalog#, name of product and quantity, And send me a e-mail.
  2. I will check stocks for your order and send confirmation e-mail with total payment including shipping fee.
  3. Payment is required in advance.
  4. I check your payments, then send the goods
Returning and exchanging
  • If there are mistakes for sending package or missing parts for kits, We will send another one as posible as we can.
  • The damage or missing parts by the customer, we can provide by the actual cost. Consult us.
  • We can accepts the returns for certain reasons of customer, if it’s unused conditions. Please let us know by e-mail within 7 days from goods arrival
Payment and shipping
  • I can accepts Paypal and YEN only. Use paypal’s currency exchange service, please. My paypal account is ..
  • I strongly recommend Using EMS. it’s international Parcel Post and you can trace the package by following page.
  • EMS has insurence. if there is something trouble on the way to your place, I can send package again for free.
  • For orders received on a weekend/holiday, shipment will be on the 1st business day thereafter
  • Feel free to send me e-mail.
  • If you need some supports, send me high resolution picture taht you build. and let me know what happens on your kits so closely.
  • More hints makes me easy to find the point of troubles.

  1. カタログの品番、品名、数量を書いて までメールをお送りください。
  2. 在庫状態・注文内容・代金・商品の送り先を確認するメールを差し上げます。
  3. 代金をお支払いください。
  4. 入金確認後、商品を発送いたします。
  5. (代金は、商品の合計のほか送料と消費税を含みます)

  • 当方のミスによる欠品、不良品については迅速に対応させていただきます。
  • お客様の側での部品の破損や紛失は、実費にてお分けいたします。メールにてご相談ください。
  • お客様ご都合での返品については、未使用であれば承ります。商品到着から7日以内にメールにてお申し出ください。
  • メールにて承ります。(電話サポートはしません)
  • 組み立てに関するお問い合わせの際には、組み立てた基板などの高解像の写真を添付ください