#018 Power Tail type K

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Power tail is AC adapter distributor. you can put some of volcas AC adapter into one.
this product is one of variations of Power Tail and it’s used with Korg’s AC adaptor. If you already have got it then get this variation.(this site does not handle korg’s AC adapter.)

Three output tail has L style plug. You can use this this with three volcas or one volca and one MS-20 mini.
Power tail and Type k has almost same looks and it may make you confuse. the difference is only input plug. So check out closely when you put orders.

PowerTail type K

  • input:EIAJ3(outer 4.75mm、inner 1.7mm) 15cm X 1
  • output:EIAJ3(same as above) 55cm X 3
  • size:W36XH11XD53mm

Volca and MS-20 mini is trade mark of korg Inc.

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