#110 GoodModulations

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Good modurations is percussion Synthesizer that’s developed for the beginner of electricity.
You can use drive this by 9V(006p) battery. It also has small speaker. So you can get sounds and play as soon as you finish building.
I choose the populer parts for this project. key parts are LMC555 that world famous timer IC, LM386 power amp IC and some small transistors( it Japanese one).
this gadget have easy anti-log circuit inside. You can play some melodies that around 2 ovtave or so by driving this by MIDI-IF that comming from this site.
this gadget reproduce saw wave for output. It can be used for experiments of waveshaper or another filter circuit.

By modding for yourself, this kit can be your first analog synth project.


#111 PCB for GoodModulations

PCB for GoodModulations
Double sided through hole 35mmX50mm

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