#500 Matched Pair NPN module with T.C

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This is emittor commoned matched pair NPN transistor module. this module has pair of NPN transistor that have excellent pair characteristics.
This module is designed to make your experiments easy. Use it on your bread board. You can use it for your original projects, of course
this module used for’s products also.
This pair characteristics are good for Anti log for VCO. You can use this module at everywhere of analog synth circuits.
And it also have Temperature compensation resistor on this module. it’s 1k : 3300ppm/°C. You may get great temperature characteristic. try it and check for yourself.
this products is provided as a set of 2 modules.
If you need no Temperature compensation resistor, check out #501
Or if you need Matched Pair PNP module, check out #503 Matched Pair PNP module with T.C or #504 Matched Pair PNP module also.
pin structure is designed as pin compatible with Japanese old good pair transistors like 2SC3381, 2SC5168 or 2SC1583.
main parameter is just like below.
symbole Parameter Min Typ Max Unit
VCEO collector-emitter voltage 45 V
IC collector current 100 mA
hFE DC current gain 200 290 450  
hFE conditions : VCE= 5V / IC2mA




Comparison of pair characteristic.

The difference of VEB between two device (|VEB1-VEB2| )

Parts name Min Typ Max conditions
2SC5168 1 10 VCE= 6V / IC1mA
2SC1583 1 10 VCE= 6V / IC1mA
2SC3381 0 10 VCE= 6V / IC2mA
Matched Piar Module 2 VCE= 5V / IC2mA

units: mV


The deffernce of hFE between two device (hFE1 / hFE2 )
Parts name Min Typ Max conditions
2SC5168 0.8 0.98 1 VCE= 6V / IC1mA
2SC1583 0.8 0.98 1 VCE= 6V / IC1mA
2SC3381 0.9 1 VCE= 6V / IC2mA
Matched Piar Module 0.9 1 VCE= 5V / IC2mA



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