#022 Dual VCA

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This is one of the modules that called as “MS Extension Module” series. It’s just a only, but a hi-performance VCA. You can use it with your any kind of Moduler synthe systems including MS-20mini. CV input accepts from 0V to 5V( 5V is almost unity gain). Signal pass of this module has no capacitors so you can use it as not only audio signals but also CVs. it accepts around -10 to around +10V for any CV for other modules. this module uses 2 sets of matching transistor module for each channel.

#501 Matched Pair NPN module

Example for use

  • Using master volume by MS-20mini’s wheel as CV
  • changing modulation amount for VCO by keyboard CV to get the change its depth of vibrate by pitch
  • using a mixer that can be used CV and Audio both may get more performance and spread the possibility

  • Size;100X65X35mm (without outshoot)
  • Weight:100g (without package for carriage)
  • Power Source:AC Adapter (5V/1.2A) (AC Adapter don’t include in this product)

all the maker name and it’s products are tread mark of each of them.


#053 AC adapter 5V

It’s match for CMU-800 MIDI interface and MSEM series.
Center pin is Plus 5V. Outside is grand.

AC adaptor Plug

AC adaptor Plug

Input:100-240V / Output 5V 1.2A small type. (30x45x25mm)

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