#012 Log/Exp Amp

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“Log/Exp Amp” is set of 3 modules that’s not include with Korg MS-20 mini inside.

First module is ”Exp Amp”. This module will convert the CV that V/OCT system to V/Hz system. this module allow you to use popular analog sequencer or musical keyboard for MS-20 mini’s VCO.

Next module is “Log amp”. This module will convert the CV that V/Hz system to V/OCT system. MS-20’s keyboard outputs CV as V/Hz system. This module converts it to V/OCT system. this module allow yout to play EURO-RACK module’s VCO by MS-20 mini’s keyboard.

The last module will invert polarity of gate. you can drive MS-20 mini by TB-303’s internal sequencer or so.
Those of 3 modules are packed into small box that can ride on top of MS-20 mini. This box requires AC adapter separately from MS20 mini.

  • Size;100X65X35mm (without outshoot)
  • Weight:100g (without package for carriage)
  • Power Source:AC Adapter (9V/1.3A) AC Adapter don’t include in this product. and the power source spec of this item had changed from 5V to 9V.
  • Owner’s Manual (Download)

#”MS-20 mini” is trademark of KORG INC.


Playing DarkEnergy2 by MS-20 mini with Log/Exp Amp

and more videos are there.
Playing A-100 by MS-20 mini with Log/Exp Amp
Playing Nanozwerg by MS-20 mini with Log/Exp Amp
Playing MS-20 mini by Bassline3 with Log/Exp Amp
Playing MS-20 miniby DarkTime with Log/Exp Amp
Special thanks to Hukusan kigyou, Five G and Shotaro!
Five G Music technology’s page is here.
Each products names are trademark of each companies.


#054 AC adapter 9V

Input:100-240V / Output 9V 1.3A small type. (30x45x25mm)
It’s match for MIDI Through box and more.

AC adaptor Plug

AC adaptor Plug

Center pin is Plus 9V. Outside is grand.

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  • Price 1400Yen (80ggram)

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