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#019 Fader


Price : 2200Yen

this is one of MS Extension Module series. It’s simple passive attenuator. This equipment is intended as […]

#020 Pocket DI

Pocket DI

Price : 3200Yen

Pocket DI is small passive based Direct injection box. It’s used for mainly matching impedance between e […]

#022 Dual VCA

Dual VCA

Price : 9200 Yen

This is one of the modules that called as “MS Extension Module” series. It’s just a only, but a hi-performance […]

#023 MIDI through box 2

MIDI through  box 2

Price : 6000-7000Yen

Basically, you can use this gear as midi through box. One midi stream is divided into 4 individual outputs. If […]

#025 Passive Mixer Mono

Passive Mixer Mono

Price : 2600Yen

This is very simple mixer. You can use it for not only DC(CV) but also for audio signal. It’s passive de […]

#052 CMU-800 MIDI interface

CMU-800 MIDI interface

Price : 9000Yen

Adding MIDI receive function And din sync for CMU-800.Owner’s manual English Version Japanese Version Vi […]

#053 AC adapter 5V

AC adapter 5V

Price : 1400Yen

It’s match for CMU-800 MIDI interface and MSEM series. Center pin is Plus 5V. Outside is grand. Input:10 […]