#002 Mountain

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Mountain is Monophonic Synthesizer module. it’s driven by MIDI or CV+ gate that’s legacy interface.
Dual VCO, 1 VCF and 1 VCA with 1EG and 1LFO for vobrate. it’s most simple arcitecture as analog synthesizer.
For beginner, it’s good for learnning to make sounds. For DTM user, it’s should be a powerful sound source as not only solo part but also groovy base line or so.
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mountain catalog
you tube video


#058 Softcase for mountain

it’s softcase for mountain. you can use this bag not only for mountain but also for another gadget. there is 2 color variations for code stopper. it’s black and whilte let me know which color you want when you put an order.
check the garally here

  • size : just fit for Mountain (body: 170 X 230mm, code:280mm )
  • Order ID:#058
  • Price 800Yen (40gram)

#059 AC adapter 12V

Input:100-240V / Output 12V 0.5A.
Small type. (30x45x25mm)

It’s match for BassBoy+, Mountain and more.
(Mountain and BassBoy+ include this AC adapter. this is for supply for them)
Center pin is Plus 12V. Outside is grand.
AC adaptor Plug

AC adaptor Plug

  • Order ID:#059
  • Price 1400Yen (80ggram)

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