#210 MIDI-IF KIT for SX-150 V2

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#210 2250Yen30gram release3

MIDI-IF for SX-150 kit (includes #201, #202 and #211)
w/o enclosure, Connectors and pots. We recommend that getting with #212 Connector set for SX-150.
it’s not beginner’s projects.


#201 PCB for MIDI-IF V2

All the series of MIDI-IF KIT use this board.
Double sided through hole and 40mmX50mm

  • Order ID:#201
  • Price 1200Yen (10gram)

#202 Pre-Programed CPU(TYPE A)


Pre-Programed CPU for MIDI-IF series.
This CPU can be used for MIDI-IF for monotron and SX-150.

  • Order ID:#202
  • Price 500Yen (10gram)

#211 Parts set of MIDI-IF for SX-150

Parts set of MIDI-IF for SX-150mk2.
All the parts on the board. w/o pre-programed CPU. Connectors and pots are another option.
  • Order ID:#211
  • Price 550Yen (10gram)

#212 Connector set of MIDI-IF for SX-150

Connector set of MIDI-IF for SX-150. it incudes ..

  • pot:100k
  • pot:10kX2
  • pot:1k
  • DIN5 pin jack
  • stylus connector
  • 3.5mm mini plug
  • battery snap (for 006p)

  • Order ID:#212
  • Price 500Yen (40gram)

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