#200 MIDI-IF KIT for monotron V2

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#200 2200Yen30gram release5

MIDI-IF for monotron kit (includes #201, #202 and #203)
w/o enclosure, MIDI-Connector and 100k(B) pot. We recommend that getting with #205 Connector set for monotron.
it’s not beginner’s projects.

#201 PCB for MIDI-IF V2

All the series of MIDI-IF KIT use this board.
Double sided through hole and 40mmX50mm

  • Order ID:#201
  • Price 1200Yen (10gram)

#202 Pre-Programed CPU(TYPE A)


Pre-Programed CPU for MIDI-IF series.
This CPU can be used for MIDI-IF for monotron and SX-150.

  • Order ID:#202
  • Price 500Yen (10gram)

#203 Parts set of MIDI-IF for monotoron

Parts set of MIDI-IF for SX-150mk2.
All the parts on the board. w/o pre-programed CPU. Connectors and pots are another option.
  • Order ID:#203
  • Price 500Yen (10gram)

#205 Connector and pot set of MIDI-IF for monotron

Din 5P Connector for MIDI and a 100k pot (Linear)

  • Order ID:#205
  • Price 200Yen (20gram)

#206 FJN3302

pair of FJN3302 (one is for your spare)
It’s DigitalTransister. You can use this instead of DTC114 to add Gate Signal onto Monotoron without killng ribbon functions. You can get more information about this device from there (it’s on semiconductor’s site).
Checking instruction manual for build the kits may also help you.

  • Order ID:#206
  • Price 100Yen (10gram)

#207 Extra parts set for Monotron Delay

This parts set includes extra parts that you need when you mod this kit for Monotron Delay.
it’s not for beginner’s project. check insruction manual closely. 

  • pot:100k,1k
  • trimmer:10k
  • DIN5 pin jack
  • FJN3302(1 piece)
  • registers (2X47k, 4.7k, 15k and 36k)
  • Order ID:#207
  • Price 400Yen (35gram)

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