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Pre-order starts for “Log/Exp Amp”

Now, I’m prepare to release “Log/Exp Amp”. It will be released at Dec. 2013. And we also start accepting pre-order for “Log/Exp Amp”.
There is special price for new release campaign. and there also free “Softcase for mountain” for the cusutomer who put a pre-order.

Description about the products, check it out here.

accepting pre-order will finish in 20th of Dec. 2013 and it will ship in 24th DEC. I will report it for each of customers.

Contact to “”. Puts a pre-order. And gets “Soft Case for mountain” for free!

New product “Log/Exp Amp” will release.

Let me introduce to you a new products of
I take it to some event in this Fall. Thank you for many feed backs. It’s synth module that combine with MS-20mini from korg.

  • Products: Log/Exp Amp
  • Release : Dec. 2013
  • Sticker Price : 11000 yen
  • Description:
      “Log/Exp Amp” is set of 3 modules that’s not include with Korg MS-20 mini inside.

      First module is ”Exp Amp”. This module will convert the CV that V/OCT system to V/Hz system. this module allow you to use popular analog sequencer or musical keyboard for MS-20 mini’s VCO.

      Next module is “Log amp”. This module will convert the CV that V/Hz system to V/OCT system. MS-20’s keyboard outputs CV as V/Hz system. This module converts it to V/OCT system. this module allow yout to play EURO-RACK module’s VCO by MS-20 mini’s keyboard.

      The last module will invert polarity of gate. you can drive MS-20 mini by TB-303’s internal sequencer or so.
      Those of 3 modules are packed into small box that can ride on top of MS-20 mini. This box requires AC adapter separately from MS20 mini.

  • Size;100X65X35mm (without outshoot)
  • Weight:100g (without package for carriage)
  • Power Source:AC Adapter (5V/1.2A )


this products is intended to use with MS-20 mini to expands its capability. and this module is the one of the serial products.
and there should be another modules something like OSC or Filter in same price range. will make it for the user who need more possibilities.

#”MS-20 mini” is trademark of KORG INC.

We start accepting pre-order for BassBoy+

I’m so glad to be able to announce new products to all of you. it’s called as “BassBoy+”.

  • Release date : 30th June 2013
  • Price : 18000yen

AC Adapter is not included. you can use that comes with “#002 Mountan”. It’s #059 AC Adapter 12V. please order it with “BassBoy+”

You can order it at my web site. and you can also buy at “implant4” at Oosaka, Japan. you can check its sound there.

Release Campaign

there is some plan of release campaign for BassBoy+

  • Customer who put pre-order to until June 30th can get Softcase for Mountain for free.
  • Customer who get BassBoy+ at implant4 can get Softcase for Mountain for free. (Limitted)
  • I demonstrate and sell it on the spot at “TOKYO FESTIVAL of MODULAR 2013” on June, 30th at Reon’s both.

Softcase for Mountain is gadget bag. Put an pre-order and get it for free!

  • for more information about “TOKYO FESTIVAL of MODULAR 2013” is here.
  • Top page of implant4 is here.
  • Offical catalog page for “BassBoy+” is here.

send e-mail for Pre order to

I’m waiting for your pre order now!


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Breakout Box for Monotribe【販売中】

これは、本体のOSを ver.2.1 またはそれ以上へのバージョンアップしたMonotribeにCV+GATEを接続するためのブレイクアウトボックスです。

Softcase for Mountain【販売中】


MIDI thorugh box 4+1【御予約承り中】

MIDI-Through Box 4+1

自作機器に組み込むバージョンとして、#005 MIDI thorugh boxも御用意しておりますが、こちらの版は、アルミケースに入れ実践で即使えます。さらに、電池で動かすことができ、iPad/iPhone/iPod touchのドッグコネクタ用のMIDI-IFに使うの2.5mmのMIDIケーブルを接続するジャックと同じ仕様のジャックとケーブルを用意しました。(i-MX(Yamaha)でチェックしています)
レガシーMIDIでの使用はもちろん、iPad/iPhone/iPod touchと組み合わせたパオフォーマンスをサポートします。パッチケーブルには、バリエーションを用意しましたので、必要なケーブルと合わせてオーダーください。



Chiptrick Limited Edition

this is limited items. I build 2 of chipTrick and put them into enclosure. you can use it as a noise machine without assembling.

Chiptrick Limited Edition


MIDI thorugh box is released

MIDI thorugh box is intended to use with legacy MIDIequipments. it receives MIDI stream and distribute it to 4 MIDI outputs.

#005 MIDI thorugh box


MIDI-IF for CMU-800 is released

“MIDI-IF for CMU-800” is new products from It’s not kit. You can use this as is when you get it.

#052 CMU-800 MIDI interface



I’ve got a permissions to build and distribute this project as a products of my site from RJBlog. (His original site is gone now. We can’t check his site now) I distribute almost same as RJB’s project. But we can’t get no resource about “CMU-800 MIDI Interface” from his site now.

This interface get MIDI stream from another equipment and drive your CMU-800. And it also converts the MIDI-Clock to DIN-SYNC, if your equipment put “MIDI-CLOCK”.

Check owner’s manual for more information, please.
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追記 2022-08-02

Mountain is in store now!

新宿電子楽器祭りに合わせて、’s Mountaion がショップの店頭に並びます。



mountain catalog

you tube video


新製品の’s Mountain の展示とチラシの配布、現在開発中のリボンコントローラー「River」のプロトタイプの展示を行います。

新宿電子楽器祭’s Mountain re-debut!

In this Spring time, mountain had debuted as a new products of I add some modifications on it as a products for some months. And I release it, at last.
please check its price or so, here
mountain page
press release is also there.

mountain catalog
you tube video