Adding mods to MS-20M

Add VCO2 CV IN (Hz/V) for MS-20M

We all love holes!

All We love holes!

MS20M is latest version of MS family from Korg. I think that it should be the best model for the one who want to hack it. the body have some holes with plastic cap that can be removed. It makes us easy to add mod. All we love holes!
‘I want to get it, if I could.’ I said to my friend and he said that he already add mod just like this. And he sent me one of great mod plan so closely.He gave me a permission to publish it. So I did.
It’s adding Hz/V cv input to VCO2. All the MS-20 family have VCO2 CV in. But it’s omitted in MS-20M. So we get it back.
I don’t get MS-20M yet, so I can’t answer questions about this issue. but anyway this is great information for everyone who loves MS-20. enjoy it.


the body have holes already. Remove cap then you can put 6.3 std jacks there easy. In this mod, you may need to use the jack with switch.
All the pictures can be enlarged by click.


This is schematics. Just adding jack there. Without plug, the signals from Yellow line flow to green line. if you plug there, yellow line going to be open, and green line may get the signal from plug. Black line get down to the ground.


Wire them, just like this. It looks so far .


Enlarge around Jack.


there needs pattern cut. check out more closely. you can get more high resolution picture by pdf.


Wire each side that you cut and get the ground (black line) Around there.

MS-20M_Kit_Reconstruction (More high resolution version in PDF)

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