AC adapter 12V

Input:100-240V / Output 12V 0.5A.
Small type. (30x45x25mm)

It’s match for BassBoy+, Mountain and more.
(Mountain and BassBoy+ include this AC adapter. this is for supply for them)
Center pin is Plus 12V. Outside is grand.
AC adaptor Plug

AC adaptor Plug

We start accepting pre-order for BassBoy+

I’m so glad to be able to announce new products to all of you. it’s called as “BassBoy+”.

  • Release date : 30th June 2013
  • Price : 18000yen

AC Adapter is not included. you can use that comes with “#002 Mountan”. It’s #059 AC Adapter 12V. please order it with “BassBoy+”

You can order it at my web site. and you can also buy at “implant4” at Oosaka, Japan. you can check its sound there.

Release Campaign

there is some plan of release campaign for BassBoy+

  • Customer who put pre-order to until June 30th can get Softcase for Mountain for free.
  • Customer who get BassBoy+ at implant4 can get Softcase for Mountain for free. (Limitted)
  • I demonstrate and sell it on the spot at “TOKYO FESTIVAL of MODULAR 2013” on June, 30th at Reon’s both.

Softcase for Mountain is gadget bag. Put an pre-order and get it for free!

  • for more information about “TOKYO FESTIVAL of MODULAR 2013” is here.
  • Top page of implant4 is here.
  • Offical catalog page for “BassBoy+” is here.

send e-mail for Pre order to

I’m waiting for your pre order now!


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“BassBoy+” is digital based monophonic MIDI controlled bass synthesizer. “BassBoy+” has also nick name. it’s “Juteion-shonen”. It’s written in Kanji character also beside of our logo at the right under corner of the panel.
Call it as your favor.

“BassBoy+” has one board bass synthesizer inside. My friend who is living in Beograd of Serbia had developed it. There was no knobs. All the parameter is drove from MIDI data stream.
I develop its physical controller and put it together into a original enclosure. it’s “BassBoy+” Original functions that BassBoy have can still alive on BassBoy+.
Visit there for more information about BassBoy.

Get MIDI stream from PC, iPad, iPhone or iPod-Touch based sequencer and put it into “BassBoy+”. Knobs are waiting to be tweaked. You can also play it by MIDI keyboard too.
The goal of this gadget is to feel the knobs. Tweaking may be change the sound.
All the parameter that BassBoy has can fumble with yout fingers. You can do it just like playing musical keyboards.
Feel sounds and beats with your fingers. Be physical, like an animal!

“BassBoy” is Trademark of MikroElectronika. And gets permission to re-sale of “BassBoy” from MikroElectronika.


  • Front Panel
    • CutOff / Accent knob
    • Peak / Distortion knob
    • ENV MOD / C-OFF STEP knob
    • Decay knob
    • Drive knob
    • Volume knob
    • Wave shape Switch( Saw / Sqr )
    • Shift Switch (Upper 3 parameters can be changed by shift switch)
  • Rear Panel
    • Power Switch
    • DC12V (AC adaptor input)
    • MIDI-IN (channel is fixed to 1ch)
    • OUTPUT (audio output Φ6.3mm)
  • Size / Weight
  • 140X80X35mm (without outshoot)
  • 185g

#059 AC adapter 12V includes



“BassBoy+” you can enlarge by clicking image

Rear panel of "BassBoy+ " You can enlarge by clicking image

Rear panel of “BassBoy+ ” You can enlarge by clicking image


How to use BassBoy+ with sequencer

How to use BassBoy+ with keyboard

Demo song

More Video

MR. YOΞ(Yokushe) who is one of customers of BassBoy+ compose and perform great tune.

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