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#052 CMU-800 MIDI interface

CMU-800 MIDI interface

Price : 9000Yen

Adding MIDI receive function And din sync for CMU-800.Owner’s manual English Version Japanese Version Vi […]

#062 EURO RACK 4 bus power source kit

EURO RACK 4 bus power source kit

Price : 7000Yen

Power source kit for Euro Rack module. AC adapter is included. You can get 4 power bus and can connect 4 modul […]

#064 Hikari Pendulum

Hikari Pendulum

Price : 14500Yen

HIKARI Pendulum senses the angle of inclination, and outputs it as CV of the two systems of the X ・ Y-directio […]

#065 Hikari Sine

Hikari Sine

Price : 14000Yen

Hikari sine is contrle signal generator module. Mode switch will change 3 mode. it’s VCO mode, LFO mode […]