Chiptrick Limited Edition

this is limited items. I build 2 of chipTrick and put them into enclosure. you can use it as a noise machine without assembling.

Chiptrick Limited Edition


MIDI thorugh box is released

MIDI thorugh box is intended to use with legacy MIDIequipments. it receives MIDI stream and distribute it to 4 MIDI outputs.

#005 MIDI thorugh box


MIDI-IF for CMU-800 is released

“MIDI-IF for CMU-800” is new products from It’s not kit. You can use this as is when you get it.

#052 CMU-800 MIDI interface



I’ve got a permissions to build and distribute this project as a products of my site from RJBlog. (His original site is gone now. We can’t check his site now) I distribute almost same as RJB’s project. But we can’t get no resource about “CMU-800 MIDI Interface” from his site now.

This interface get MIDI stream from another equipment and drive your CMU-800. And it also converts the MIDI-Clock to DIN-SYNC, if your equipment put “MIDI-CLOCK”.

Check owner’s manual for more information, please.
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Maker Faire Tokyo 2012 に参加します

2012年12月1日(土) 2日(日) の2日間にわたって、東京、日本科学未来館 企画展示ゾーン 1階ほかで開催される「Maker Faire Tokyo 2012」に参加します。



Analog Synth Builders’ Summit に参加します


場所:科学技術館 第3会議室




MIDI through box

This gear receives MIDI stream and distribute it to 4 MIDI outputs.
When you want to send MIDI stream to independent MIDI device then this gear may help you.
this gear has photo-isolated MIDI In and separate drive for each MIDI Out. it works as same as normal MIDI gear.
AC adapter is option. Don’t forget to get it.
You can add one more buffered output ch by adding another DIN socket. It may be matched to built-in board in your box for DIYer.
  • Transparent acrylic panel package.
  • 1 MIDI In 4 MIDI Thrughs
  • Power indicator LED.
  • DC power input jack : 5.5mm(outside diameter) / 2.1mm (inside diameter) centre + 9v
  • Size: 130 X 35 X 34 mm
  • Weight: 100 g

The Guide Of Modifications


You can add one more MIDI through port adding DIN5 Pin connector for yourself. Check next picture . It’s right side of the board and just next power indicator LED.
About pin structure of DIN, check next fig.

DIN5 plug pin structure


When you put this item for your DIY projects, then you should better get another power source from inside of your own project.
next picture is just another side of the board. check the polarity so closely and connect +9V and ground together with your equipment.
Just putting it another enclosure, you may need power switch. then remove Jumper line and connect your power switch there.


As you know, there is no warnnary about modifications. Do it for your own risk!

AC adapter 9V

Input:100-240V / Output 9V 1.3A small type. (30x45x25mm)
It’s match for MIDI Through box and more.

AC adaptor Plug

AC adaptor Plug

Center pin is Plus 9V. Outside is grand.