CMU-800 MIDI interface

Adding MIDI receive function And din sync for CMU-800.
Owner’s manual


MIDI-IF for SX-150 mk2

this is order made goods. Give me an order then I will build it for you. it will take a week or so.

owner’s manual

Synth Bar Episode 7参加

6月27日代官山、SALOONにて、Synth Bar Episode 7 開催。








電子工作は楽しい。完成した何かは、もちろん楽しいのだけど、そこに至る過程もまた楽しい。実は、このノートでは、そのまま実用になるなにかを完成させるつもりはあまりない。 いつか、実用になるなにかのために必要になりそうな、たとえば、あるデバイスが一体どんな動きをするのかとか、まとめておこうかなと。


Pre-Programed CPU for CountBeat jr.

pre-programed CPU for CountBeats Jr.

PCB for GoodModulations

PCB for GoodModulations
Double sided through hole 35mmX50mm


Good modurations is percussion Synthesizer that’s developed for the beginner of electricity.
You can use drive this by 9V(006p) battery. It also has small speaker. So you can get sounds and play as soon as you finish building.
I choose the populer parts for this project. key parts are LMC555 that world famous timer IC, LM386 power amp IC and some small transistors( it Japanese one).
this gadget have easy anti-log circuit inside. You can play some melodies that around 2 ovtave or so by driving this by MIDI-IF that comming from this site.
this gadget reproduce saw wave for output. It can be used for experiments of waveshaper or another filter circuit.

By modding for yourself, this kit can be your first analog synth project.

Speaker Drive option

2SC2120(Ic:800mA hFE:160-320), Speaker(40mm 8Ω/0.7W) and 100Ω register

Pre-Programed CPU for Chip Trick

Pre-Programed CPU for Chip Trick

Chip Trick the Kit

Chip Trick is Noise Machine that’s developed for the beginner of electricity.
The total amount of parts is just around 10 or so. If you have enough tools for DIY, then you can finish it within an houer or so.
We need something amp (and speaker) to get sounds. but this kit also have easy speaker drive option.
Putting this options, you can play this by stand alone.

The sound that this machine re-produce is almost like NFS. there is 3 mode that can be changed by combinations or power swith and another switchs.
Using 2 sets of knob and bottum can get some sound variations.
The pitch of noize can be chandged by 0-5V CV that comming from outside of this kit.
By using the MIDI-IF kit that’s sold separately, you can use this from MIDI. but you may need some mod to do that.
Check out next link for instruction manual