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#062 EURO RACK 4 bus power source kit

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Power source kit for Euro Rack module. AC adapter is included. You can get 4 power bus and can connect 4 modul […]

#064 Hikari Pendulum

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HIKARI Pendulum senses the angle of inclination, and outputs it as CV of the two systems of the X ・ Y-directio […]

#065 Hikari Sine

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Hikari sine is contrle signal generator module. Mode switch will change 3 mode. it’s VCO mode, LFO mode […]

#100 Chip Trick the Kit

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This kit is just designed for beginners. But you can get great chip tune noise that’s same as NFS (FAMICON).

It’s includes AA X 2 battery box, 50mm x 70mm double sided PCB, pre-programed CPU and small another parts. You just only need some wire to connect output phone jack.


#101 Pre-Programed CPU for Chip Trick

Pre-Programed CPU for Chip Trick ATTINY13A

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  • Price:500Yen (10gram)

#102 Speaker Drive option

2SC2120(Ic:800mA hFE:160-320), Speaker(40mm 8Ω/0.7W) and 100Ω register

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  • Price:200Yen (50gram)

#110 GoodModulations

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GoodModulations Kit (PCB + POTS + Parts + Speaker)
w/o enclosure


#111 PCB for GoodModulations

PCB for GoodModulations Double sided through hole 35mmX50mm

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  • Price:800Yen (10gram)