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#120 CountBeats jr

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CountBeats jr is electric metronome that’s developed for the beginner of electricity.
But there is no sounds. There is the flash of lights that set by the knob. The combination of 8 LEDs count the quarter notes and bars. Yes, the title of this kits means this.
In the very first design of this gadgets, the rate of tempo was depend on the MIDI clock following from the PC-based MIDI sequencer. but I change it as stand alone style to make it more easy to build and play with.
Just build it and connect battery then you can use it.
This will work well by the place which is too noisy to use an ordinary metronome, or at the place which needs silence for recording.
you can enjoy not only the flash but also the end of the light. You may feel the back beat in the way to flash.


#121 Pre-Programed CPU for CountBeat jr.

pre-programed CPU for CountBeats Jr.

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#122 PCB for CountBeats jr.

PCB for CountBeats jr.
Double sided through hole 35mmX115mm

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